Swimming, including pool swimming and open water swimming Diving off springboards or off platforms Modern pentathlon includes épée fencing, pistol shooting, swimming, a show jumping course on horseback, and cross country running Rescue swimming is swimming with the goal to rescue other swimmers or the practice thereof. Snorkeling is the practice of swimming at the surface (typically of the sea) being equipped with a mask, fins, and a short tube called a snorkel. Synchronized diving Synchronized swimming is a hybrid of swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. Triathlon, a multi-sport event involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance events, usually a combination of swimming, cycling and running Waboba is played with a waboba ball on beaches or in pools. Water aerobics is aerobics in the water. Water polo is a team sport played in water. Aquajogging On the water Main article: Surface water sports Barefoot skiing is waterskiing without skis Boating is the use of boats Boat racing is the use of powerboats to participate in races Bodyboarding is similar to surfing, but the board is smaller and the person (normally) lies down on the board Cable skiing is similar to wake boarding but with cables for artificial maneuvering Canoeing Canoe polo Dragon Boat Racing teams of 20 paddlers racing Fishing is the recreation and sport of catching fish Flyboard Flowrider Jet Skiing Kayaking Kiteboating Kitesurfing on flat water using a kite for propulsion Kneeboarding Paddleboarding a person is propelled on a surf style board using a long paddle Parasailing where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a parachute Picigin, kicking around a small ball on shallow waters.

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